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Inclusion, Diversity & Wellness

For many years the areas of Inclusion, Diversity and Wellness have sat as part of a wider HR-hosted discipline, and for the most part in most companies they still do.

But at bonafide hr we believe that Inclusion, Diversity and Wellness form part of an overarching approach to organisational culture and transformation –one that touches upon every element of your company.

We work with our clients to support and advise them on creating an inclusive environment that fosters personal growth for all, and then help them build diversity in the workplace.

We also believe that employers can be doing so much around building wellbeing programmes that look at staff from the inside out, providing support and sharing stories.

As part of the wider conversation on culture building, we work with you to ensure that you recognise Inclusion & Diversity as a natural extension of your values. We help you to build programmes and initiatives that drive I&D by looking at your workspace (the environment), your people (the make-up of your workforce) and the marketplace (how you are viewed from the outside).

We also look at your strategic plans and ensure that I&D enhances your business strategy by leveraging your workforce’s unique strengths and skills, encouraging leaders to take ownership and responsibility.

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But our Inclusion & Diversity efforts don’t end there...

  • We run I&D workshops throughout the year for line managers and employees, equipping you and them with the tools necessary to be able to manage I&D in everything they do – from interviewing candidates, new-hire welcome and orientation through to succession planning and everyday decisions.
  • We hold I&D seminars for management, exploring how Inclusion and Diversity can enhance employee engagement and give your company a competitive advantage.
  • We also provide you with opportunities to take a more progressive stance on issues that are important to your company and the customers you serve.

Botanical Boys

Our wellness partners

Promoting and incorporating Wellness programmes into your work environment should be an important part of your workplace culture.

bonafide hr are proud to be partnering with Botanical Boys, a terrarium design company that provides creative botanical workshops.

Botanical Boys cares about nature and believes that bringing elements of gardening into an office environment is unique, creative and stimulating. The workshops are designed to encourage employee development and collaboration.

The goal is to inspire a mindset that opens the individual up to discovery by helping them tap into their creative abilities, while the contact with nature has a de-stressing effect which allows staff to thrive in the workplace environment. This is especially important in industries that nurture creativity.

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Benefits of the Workshop


Encouraging employees to learn about gardening with terrariums develops curiosity, intuition and hidden creative talent. Over a period of time, as the plants develop, it also encourages better relationships and engagement with each other.


This is one way of incorporating the wellness of your employees into the workplace by encouraging them to “green up their space” and creating a healthy working environment.


Celebrating is one of the core values of bonafide hr, and these terrarium workshops can be a fun, engaging and healthy experience for all employees. They also help bring teams together during times of conflict, uncertainty or tension which can be disruptive if not dealt with. These fun sessions reignite the camaraderie in your company and provide an opportunity to celebrate.


A terrarium workshop is a fantastic way to say thank you to your team or company, or a great ice-breaker session to kick-start your conference or company away day.

To schedule in a terrarium experience workshop for your staff, contact us today.

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